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We use 7 star extensions: the finest, expertly matched and blended European hair extensions.

Soft Volume: 1 to 2 bundles of hair

Perfect for adding volume, shine and movement to hair. This works with your own hair length to give the gorgeous, shiny, full hair that you’ve always wanted. By far our most popular option, it’s easy to wear, low maintenance, and no one will know.

Medium Volume: 3 to 4 bundles of hair

If you’re looking for tons of volume, or have fine hair and would like to add length, this is for you.

Luxurious Volume: 5 to 6 bundles of hair

This option is for those who wish to add quite a bit of length and volume.


14 inch  //  from 599
18 inch  //  from 699
22 inch  //  from 999