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May I bring my children?
In consideration of other guests, we ask that you don't bring children under the age of 13 to the salon to ensure their protection. We strive to provide a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for all of our guests who are receiving services.

Can I use my cell phone at the salon?
We realize that in today's busy world, people often need to use their cell phone. However, we request that you do not use the speaker function and that all sounds are turned off while inside the salon to make sure that everyone has a relaxing and pleasurable experience.

Are you hiring?
Occasionally we hire new talent at our salon. We are always recruiting, and receiving resumes even while we are fully staffed. Please feel free to email a resume or to drop one off in person.

What products do you use in your salon?
We use a variety of products in the salon, including but not limited to: Goldwell, Wella, Joico, Beth Minardi, Olaplex, Kerastase and Redken.

What if I just want to leave my appointment with wet hair?
One of the most important things that we do as stylists, is to look at our clients finished hair and assess our work. Ending a guests visit with a professional and polished blow dry is the only way for us to see the true final result.

I can't stand my hair color coming in for my first appointment and I want my dream color after one visit, is that possible?
Changing someone's hair color is a process, and the larger the change required, the more appointments are needed to make that change. If your desired hair color is very different from what you were coming in with, it will most likely be a color correction which will take several visits.

I want a high maintenance hair color but I don't want to come to the salon frequently, is that possible?
No, the best thing to do is to choose a color which has a maintenance schedule that you will be able to stick to. When a client comes into the salon with a high maintenance color that hasn't been maintained properly, for example, a color that should be maintained every seven weeks and the client comes in in 15 weeks, it isn't possible for the client to get consistent beautiful results after waiting for so long with the regular color. The service becomes more expensive because of the added time, and may not actually fit into the colorist's schedule at that point. We all know that things come up in life and can make it difficult to make it to our regular appointments etc., but it may take you a few regular appointments to get back on track with your hair color again.

How far in advance should I book my appointment?
Megan Graham beauty is a smaller, boutique salon and we only have so many appointments available. We suggest that all of our guests book their appointments for the following visit during their current visit. Often times when calling into the salon to make an appointment there may be a wait of approximately four weeks to work into the schedule. We very much appreciate everyone's loyalty and commitment to coming in and spending time with us and would love to have you in, to ensure that you get your desired appointment please make it in advance.

What if I am late?
Please call if you are running late to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you, but please also understand that we only have the full time of your appointment in which to do your hair. It is so much better for us when you arrive on time because we have the entire appointment time available to make your hair as beautiful as possible. The service charge for the appointment remains the same for clients who are on time and for clients who are late. We do reserve an exclusive space in our schedules just for you, and we very much look forward to making you beautiful during that time.

How long will my hair color take?
Although each client is different, we have found that the process is generally lengthier than most people imagine. If you have questions or concerns about appointment length please call the salon and we can advise on how much time to reserve.